Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Comic From LAURA

Laura sends us her final comic from out of town.   I think she is trying to say something about our  age difference.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Laura's sixth comic

We can all agree that she is deeply disturbed, right?

Laura just left town and this is her first comic from "on the road".  

Comic Number 5

Laura has stepped up her game this time with a horror comic loosely based on a bit I did around halloween. To see that bit, go here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Laura's Fourth Comic

Laura finished yesterday's comic late last night.  Let's hope she gets a  head start on today's.  Only three more to  go before her commitment is fulfilled,.

Surreality is starting to settle in here.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Laura's third comic.

Qs the days go forward. Less and less work seems to be going into these comics.

Laura's second comic

This comic arrived in the middle of the night. Just over the note. It still counts thought be use she worked om it during Christmas eve and we all know how special that is for the Jews.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Victor Comic No. 1

As promised, after winning the bet.  Laura must publish a comic starring me every day for a week.  Here is the first one.

The Napkin Game

My favorite game to play in a bar is The Napkin Game, as I call it.  Honestly I cam up with it as a way to get to know a date and be charming and creative all at the same time.  Now that I have a serious girlfriend, i am passing this game on to you.

Participants alternate whispering the names of animals in each others ear and then counting to ten. When it is your turn, you turn, you draw the animal you have been given and then you have ten seconds to complete the animal.  Once your time is up, you turn around and give an animal to your opponent and then count to ten for them as well.

Once all the animals are drawn, say perhaps each of you gets three animals to draw, you must seek out a third party to give their best guess as to what each animal is.  You get a point for every one of your animals that the third party recognizes. The person with the most points (recognizable animals) wins.

1. Make a bet at the beginning of the game. When the stakes are higher, it's more fun.

2. The more specific the animal is, the harder it is to draw. Be careful because since you give animals back and forth, if you give a hard one then one is surely coming your way next.  A Monkey is easier to draw in ten seconds than a chimpanzee.

I just played this last night with my GF.  The picture posted here is the result of a clues that was given to me .  Can you guess what it is?
I actually won the game and the bet was that the loser has to make a comic strip starring the winner every day for a week.  so look for comics starring me to be posted every day starring me and drawn by Laura Solomin.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Marvel's Shame Itself Arrives in Stores Today!

Finally you can run into your favorite comic store and grab a copy of Shame Itself! it's a comedy anthology book taking pot shots at all the Marvel superheroes. With stories by Me, Wyatt Cenac (also black) Elliot Kalan (adorable) Kurt Braunoholer (hard to spell name)  Sara Benicasa (terrible at pooping)  Michael Kupperman (shaves too much)

cover by Skotie Young and my story, The Last Attack is drawn by Clayton Henry!

Why are you still reading this and not running to the comic book store.  There will be a signing at Jim Hanley's universe (a comic book store here in NYC) at 6pm where me and many other writers who worked on the book will be waiting to have you come by and hi five us!


On Wednesday, November 2 Marvel releases SHAME ITSELF, an amazing parody book form some of the coolest comedians and comic creators on the planet! To celebrate, JHU will be hosting a massive signing with some of New York City's hottest comedians and cartoonists!

Signing at our Manhattan Location on Wednesday, November 2 beginning at 6:00pm are comedians Sara Benincasa, Kurt Braunohler, Victor Varnado, and The Daily Show's Elliott Kalan! Joining them are some of the book's great creators including editor Tom Brennan, cartoonists Stephanie Buscema, Jacob Chabot, Dean Haspiel, Michael Kupperman and more! Wow!

Here's Marvel's PR on this cool new comic:
GET READY FOR THE MOST EARTH SHATTERING, WORLD DESTROYING, INSURANCE-RATE HIKING, EVENT IN MARVEL HISTORY SINCE THE LAST ONE! Wyatt Cenac and Elliott Kalan of "The Daily Show" lead a cavalcade of comedy's finest minds to answer the questions about the Marvel Universe you were ashamed to ask! This Fall, the Marvel U will be rocked down to its spandex wearing core! Be ashamed. Be VERY ashamed!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zombie Def Jam Comedy

So, yes. It seems as though I thought that it would be a great idea to go to Seth Herzog's "Sweet" show and do a comedy set dressed up as a zombie. Just moments before I went on stage I wrote a few jokes that a zombie would say.

As a bonus, I attached an image from a night when I ditched a date by getting in zombie makeup.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New York Comic Con : My Film has TWO Panels!

Hey there everybody that matters.

I am about to attack my very first New York Comic Con at the Javits Center in NYC.

My film has TWO panels there. Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! is going to be questioned by the masses of true fandom. I can't wait to get this shit on tape!

Also TONIGHT is a screening with the Friars Club Film Fest!

Here is the info!

Saturday, October 15th - 9:00pm
Tell Your Friends! A Special New York Comic-Con Live Presentation!

Information here (entrance with admission to the Comic-Con only)

HOSTED BY: Liam McEneaney

Christian Finnegan
Rob Paravonian
Victor Varnado
Kristen Schaal

and MORE!

Sunday, October 16th - 11:30am
Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! Screening Presentation!
Liam McEneaney and Victor Varnado host a screening presentation of Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film!, including Q&A.
Information here (entrance with admission to the Comic-Con only)

Tell Your Friends! will also be screening as a part of this film festival curated by one of comedy's most enduring institutions, for one night only. According to Yelp!, the venue is an incredibly swanky club so, you know, it's good that we'll be playing somewhere else I can't afford to go.

Thursday, October 13th - 9:30pm
at The Core Club
66 E. 55th Street, btwn Madison & Park Ave.
Tickets and info at The FCCFF Site

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New York Salutes Victor Varnado

Well, not Exactly, but this IS a week where two things that I produced and directed are playing in prestigious theaters in New York.

One is free to the public. One costs money, but they are both fantastic.

World of LARP
An original doc Series created and directed by me is screening it's pilot episode as part of the New York Television Festival at Tribeca Film Center.

Thursday 9/22
9:15 PM at Tribeca Film Center in... Tribeca. Free to the public.

Tell Your Friends! the Concert Film! - NEW YORK PREMIERE!!
A "Woodstock of Stand-Up Comedy" docmentary and performance surrounding the alt scene in NYC. It's for reals!

Thursday 9/22
7:30 pm at The Paley Center
Buy Tickets Now!

I am very proud of both of these works, and very harried since they are screening across the city on the same day! Please join me at one or both!!


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Joe Palooka, Subtle Racist

I was doing some reading about the comic strip Joe Palooka that was published in the 1920's and 30's. It was about a boxer who helped people fight the bad guys. Basically a superman-ish comic where the main character was a boxer instead of a kryptonian. I was amused to read the next passage because it reminded me how racist things were back then.

"Fisher originally changed the appearance of Palooka to fit each reigning real-life champ — until the coming of African-American Joe Louis in the 1930s, at which time the image of the cowlicked blond Palooka remained unchanged. "

Mmmm. Breathe that in...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

That Comic Book I Wrote on for Marvel

In November "Shame Itself" will be available to buy! It's a one shot comedy anthology. One of the stories in it is written by me so that means you should rush out and buy it as soon as it hits the shelves. The cover art is fantastic!

GET READY FOR THE MOST EARTH SHATTERING, WORLD DESTROYING, INSURANCE-RATE HIKING, EVENT IN MARVEL HISTORY SINCE THE LAST ONE! Wyatt Cenac and Elliott Kalan of “The Daily Show” lead a cavalcade of comedy’s finest minds to answer the questions about the Marvel Universe you were ashamed to ask! This Fall, the Marvel U will be rocked down to its spandex wearing core! Be ashamed. Be VERY ashamed!
40 PGS./One-Shot/Rated T+ …$3.99

Friday, August 26, 2011

Pac-Man's Inferno

I got one of those video game controllers with thousands of built in knock off games from a Chinese and shady toy store. The Pac-Man game in the controller never stops the level, even when you eat all of the food pellets.

My day to day life is the same way.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Facebook Conversations With Fans Volume 2

People get mad at me on Facebook really quickly. Here is a recent
conversation where it took very little time before it got sweary.


where do u preform at

all over

how long u been doin it for
do u preform in ny city'

15 years and yes

what have u learned in 15years

I have learned what type of questions to avoid trying to answer.

ur an asshole

I know.

u must be an asshole on stage to

Yeah. Why hide who i am?

sometimes people luv assholes

Agreed. It can go either way depending on who you are.

do nice guys finish last?

In bed? No.


Monday, June 20, 2011

How to See Strippers for Free OR The Just For Laughs Chicago Wrap Up

The last night of JFL Chicago I performed in The Best of The Fest show
with acts like Deon Cole and Nick Vatterott. There were many others,
but none that I am just DYING to type out right now. One of the
organizers gave me a fist pound at the end of my set, which I am
assuming is a good thing.

The show was in great club called the Red Bar I believe. It had two
floors and a green room filled with snacks. The show started at
midnight and went on for two to three hours. At about twelve thirty
it became apparent that the venue had double booked the space.
Really? TBS pays for a space and then the manager double books it
with a.. wait for it... Birthday party? Wow.

The second floor WAS being used as a green room and a holding area,
but when I went up there after my set, the place was filled with
Tools watching Asian strippers do their thing using the seating areas
and coffee tables our food were on as their stage! Yuck! I scampered
downstairs and immediately began sending other people upstairs to
check out the "show."

One of the most memorable parts of the fest for me?

Microsoft had a computer set up with a touch screen that you could
draw pictures on. I decided to do fan art of some o f the comics in
attendance. One piece that I did of Neal Brennan, co creator of the
Chappelle Show, stayed up for long enough that people started adding
digital "stickers" and their own touches to it. I found this
adorable especially since most there were so many hard edged comics
about. I was surprised nobody put a penis in his mouth or something.

Below you can see the pic I used for inspiration. The original
drawing I did with my finger and then the final piece of "Group Art."

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just For Laughs Chicago Day 2

We screened at the Gene Siskel Theater in the middle of downtown Chicago. There were fans there who said they had been waiting to see the movie for weeks and were excited to get their eyes on it.

Now, having seen the movie screened in front of several different audiences, there was no more nervousness about how the movie would be received. They really enjoyed it.

The major hurdle now is to get the type of distribution that we want for the film. My last feature was released for broadcast on Comedy Central. Here we are at my next movie and I want something better. I really want it to have at least a small theatrical run and then move on to DVD and broadcast. I am not asking so much am I?

Ended the night by floating down to a popular Chicago show called Comics You Should Know. What a great show ir was and packed out as much as they could get it. They were nice enough to put me up on stage and I wasted no time in telling the absolute raunchiest joke I have ever written. Thanks guys!

The strangest conversation of the night...

GIRL: I usually get what I want because I'm pretty.
ME: I hope you want me to leave this conversation, cause that's what you are getting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just For Laughs Chicago Day 1

My plane was delayed because one of our flight attendants showed up late. This caused the entire flight to arrive about an hour late. While many people on the flight missed their connecting flights to Europe, for me it meant that I had to get from Ohare to my hotel and then to my first show of the fest in an hour and 45 minutes.

Don't worry everyone, I made it. Relax and let the tension flow out of your body.

The Beat Kitchen is a rock club that also has the amazing Chicago Underground Comedy show, which was started years ago by Tony Sam and Brooke Van Poppelen. It's currently under the loving care of Dan Telfer and Elizabeth McQuern. (I think I am getting these facts right, but I don't really care to research. You do that, I'm in a hotel and I have to pee.)

Every single comic on the show had a great set, including me. It was one of those shows that just started off right and everyone rode the giggly wave of insanity to the shores of ... you get it.

Quick reviews of everyone I saw.

Tony Sam, My favorite Robot impression of the night. super Funny.
Candy Lawrence, Adored her. Wacky as hell, may need to be commited.
James Fritz, Genius with a beard. I usually shut down on someone who has anything political to say, but his funny beats my laziness.
Beth Shelling, Her writing makes me envy her. So glad I have a bigger penis or it would be unbearable.
Nick Vatterot, So freaking hilarious and the second best robot impression of the night.

But holy god. Sean Flannery did an excerpt from his one man show and had the entire room holding their sides begging for mercy. Someone please take his show and turn it into a movie. He is so freaking funny and the stories he tells about hiss near death experiences punctuated by photos and cartoons made me want to seek out his whole show as soon as I can. He earns the coveted COMIC WHO MADE ME FORGET I HAD A DRINK IN MY HAND award.

Tonight at 8pm my movie Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film screens at The Gene Siskel Theater in Chicago as part of the festival. You should come to it if you can.

Also, i will be performing in The Best of the Fest on Friday night so if you are around, come give me some taffy.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Guess the Details of This Guy's Life

When a fan writes me, I try to answer as many of their emails as I can. Even the ones that becoe taxing. I can't tell who is wasting whose time, but I challenge you to guess the details of this person's life.

What follows is an email exchange:

FAN to Victor

hi there victor whats keeping you busy?

victor to FAN


FAN to victor

ha your funny are you still awake?

FAN to victor

victor are you an actor too?

victor to FAN

I am currently asleep.

FAN to victor

victor do you hate heavy metal music?

victor to FAN

Not always.

FAN to victor

is this really you online victor?

victor to FAN

I am a robot programmed to say "Yes." In the event that question is asked.

FAN to victor

so im talking to a robot?

FAN to victor

whats victors main email robot?

victor to FAN

Beep boop.

FAN to victor


FAN to victor

robot victor read this 36474875466467885578747 can you read that?

FAN to victor

whats victor main email then?

FAN to victor

once again i said whats does this say 45667788989900932456789871 decode it

FAN to victor

hi victor what made you come into acting?

victor to FAN

show details Jun 5 (1 day ago)

FAN to victor

i hate you stupid robot!!!!6

victor to FAN

Fair enough.

FAN to victor

tell me victors main email!!!!!!

victor to FAN

What do you want?

FAN to victor

i want you to tell me whats victors main email is please?!!!!!!!

victor to FAN

you already have it.

FAN to victor

your a robot are you really victor seriously?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

victor to FAN

what difference does it make?

Also, who can afford a robot?

FAN to victor

ok am i talking to a robot or a real person here???

Friday, June 03, 2011

Thw Wounded Soldier

Performing for a crowd that responds in a wildly different manner than what I am used to is a humbling experience. Last night I was at the Broadway comedy club at a show that benefitted wounded veterans. The house was packed with an audience that I later found out had a ton of English as a second language peeps as well as austrailians. Not really the point. The point is that jokes that had the crowd rolling at the improv in Pittsburgh last week seemed to have the audience nonplussed last night.

I finished and started fine but there was a point in the middle where I wanted to shoot everyone in the audience and then myself. Then I would have been the wounded soldier.

On a lighter note, I am off to see the new York premiere of my movie.
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Thursday, June 02, 2011

We Should Be Able to kill People

I mean , no, not all the time, but like in special circumstances.

Look at the other side. Our government says that if you are trying to adopt a child, then you better live a certain lifestyle and make a certain amount of money. (Bear with me.) BUT, if you are a meth addict living in a trailer park that rarely changes his / her clothes but you can get someone with a working productive system to sleep with you then you can have babies a plenty.

My point is even though generally, the government says certain types of people shouldn't have kids, under some circumstances they totally can.

So why can't we kill people? Under some circumstances. Oh wait; war. When we are at war, you get to kill people. Yeah, people with guns. Yes, and people without guns (collaterall damage) and your friends (friendly fire) and when you do that, you don't even go to jail usually. What a sweet deal!

What I am trying to say is this. Is there a way to declare war on the loud kids outside my window this morning?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How to scare your baby.

There is a bakery next to my house that makes specialized cakes. I like the idea of a little boy baby showing off his butt to a little girl but somehow the execution is a little more frightening than I would have liked.

I mean, in a perfect world my babies in cakes would look as realistic as possible.  

Friday, May 27, 2011

Okay, I Saw a Few Episodes of Glee

I liked it! But to be honest, it's not the singing and dancing numbers. I liked the characters, namely the lead girl and the dumb jock that she has the hots for... I liked them especially when they were the main characters in the movie Election starring Reese witherspoon.

Now, I am not saying that Glee doesnt rip off the characters and styles of the movie Election and even add some of their own stuff in and do it pretty well, but I do think the creators of Election should be getting a royalty check since Glee so liberally heisted characters and tone from that movie.

Even the voice over from different characters perspectives! I know, other movies have done that too, but not other movies with a high strung girl that is trying to breed herself for excellence in a high school setting with a dumb jock lead that is good at everything but stupid as a stuffed bear. Take a look at Election if you are a fan of Glee, and then tell me I'm wrong if you are a fan of lying to yourself.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am on my way to Pittsburgh to do some dates as a feature for Hannibal Buress. It's like The Awkward Comedy Show all over again... except I headlined that show and he is headlining this one. And there's nobody else on the show but us... And for some reason he is really into tiny planes.

I was a last minute addition to the show so they didnt have my hotel and travel budgeted, but i am making enough so that is not an issue... but in order to keep my profits at a maximum, I am trying to do things on the cheap... Priceline anyone?

I ended up getting a hotel a couple of miles from the Improv In Pittsburgh and a cheap Megabus ticket. I stayed up all night so that I can sleep the entire way. Now that I have gotten the bus ticket, I maybe should have paid the extra $$ for a plane. Dang.

If you are in Pittsburgh today, tomorrow or Saturday and you want to see some excellent comedy, and me, then come on down to the Improv from the 26 to the 28th of May!

Peace, negroes!

Women in White Dresses Can't Catch a Break

Look at these two posters. You knwo how things tend to go in phases? Or maybe they poster designer had two accounts due at the same time and decided to give them slightly different versions of the same thing, but i think the point is made loud and clear... People in dark clothes have blonde women in dingy white dresses. That IS horror.

Sigh, I hanker for the days when it was Japanese girls with hair over their faces.

One of these is the new John Carpenter film and the other is supposed to be an amazing Spanish language film. They are both on their way out soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Terrible television is on its Way

The new Napoleon Dynamite promo reminds you what comedy is by being an aggressive example pf the opposite. Can you spot a joke in this promo? I mean one that makes you laugh? Not the kind where it's timed and delivered like a joke, but actually one that makes you smile... even a little.

If you are laughing out loud at this, then please tell me where you are so that I can stop by and slap some sense into you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am going to have a REVERSE BIRTHDAY PARTY tonight!

Hi there!

I just made up a thing!

It's my birthday today and rather than throw a party at my house and
have people come trash it, I decided to come to you wherever you are
in New York and screw around with your shit! I will be hopping from
place to place all night, just tell me where you are and at what
time and I will try and make it by. This is open to friends and
strangers as I will be traveling with a babysitter.

One of my best friends Jason Kanter will be there to make sure I don't
slap anybody too much.

So email me or text me and hopefully I'll see you!

Love Victor!

PS, i will break your stuff!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 5: How we got here.

We didn't submit to SXSW.

2011-03-17 10.44.29.jpg

On Feb 3, we released a trailer for out film on youtube.  There was a planned screening on Feb 15.  We , at this point, had not even finished the edit for the screening.  Actually, the edit wasn't quite finished on Feb 15.

A day or so before the screening, I got an email from a rep at sxsw.  He had seen the trailer and remembered that I had previously submitted The Awkward Comedy Show to the fest a few years ago.  apparently it had almost gotten in, nice to hear at this point.  Anywaaaaaaaaaaay.....  The rep asked for a screener of Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! 

A bout a week later we heard that sxsw would like to premiere our movie at their festival.  We would have a late premiere because there were only a few slots left but on the upside we were invited to the fest.  Holy shit, for real!

The downside.  We had a week to finish our film.  That meant we had to do like a month of post production in a week.  Lots of love goes out to my editor Steve Rosenthal, and my Sound re-recordist Jason Kanter.  We all had very little sleep and many aggravating phone calls that whole week, but hey, A feature I directed is premiering at SXSW!  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 4: Too Many Tacos

2011-03-14 23.35.36.jpg
Just a word of advice to attendees of SXSW.  Please, don't bang on the door constantly when I am in the middle of a complicated poo.  I will yell at you.

Seeing this movie made me both happy and sad.  Happy, because it was loads of fun and managed to stay crazy all the way through.  I have been making it a habit to try and ask a question at every  panel or screening that I go to.  My question for the director is a contains spoilers so i won't share it here, but please check out that movie, it has my highest recommendation.

I spent my very first night "out" in Austin.  i went to a snazzy club and had free drinks chips and salsa.

Later, I have to go potty again.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 3: Gathering the Troops

Finally, Liam McEneaney, my co-executive producer and star of "tell Your Friends" and Steven Rosenthal our editor have come to town.  The cult of Tell Your friends is gathering and the three of us are honing our schmoozing skills.  The truth is that we don't actually have to do that much work.  Once we get someone to look at our trailer or read about the film, it seems to do all the work itself.  

We were lucky in that a few weeks ago we released the trailer for our film and then SXSW contacted us and requested a screener.  One thing led to another and suddenly we were invited to have our world premiere at the prestigious fest.  We were happy and a little bit nervous.

Outside the Vimeo theater, they have a red carpet and screen set up so we decided to take a practice photo.

Last night we saw SUPER the new disturbing film by James Gunn.  It really is fantastic, but definitely not for everyone.  Any hard core comic nook fan will be 100 percent behind this movie.  Kevin Bacon plays himself.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 2: Disney Sucks

2011-03-11 13.21.33.jpg

One of the things that  I was most excited about was the Tron Legacy immersion lounge at SXSW.  It was advertised as a complete Tron experience.  I am a hige fan of the first movie and all of the trailers from the second movie.  Tron Legacy itself was a muddled bust with amazing special effects.  The Tron lounge consisted of a few 3D TV's set up that you could watch.  A couple of art books set out.  Ipads with a partner app to the Blu Ray setup up.  Some glowing srips on the wall and a cheap frisbe that they give you that didn't evn look like the discs in tron.  Thanks disney for continuing to mine my childhood excitement.  I blam George Lucas for starting the trend.

Thumbs up however for the Deviant Art lounge at SXSW!  They had everything set up so that you could create digital art, physical art, and walk through a gallery of the finest artists on Deviant.  Deviant had some of their top employees on hand telling great stories about artists on Deviant that managed to get work and how the community interacted. 

I took a picture of a woman that looked like she was doing a crayon drawing of herself.  turns out that she was actually drawing a woman that was standing near her with almost the same hair and glasses.

Last night I waited in my very first line for a world premiere.  More important than that, i made my first, "You're a filmmaker?  I'm a filmmaker!" connections while we waited to see Source Code.  Waiting in line for almost two hours seems ridiculous now that I have rejoined the Non-waiting in line society.  although I plan on doing it again tonight for the movie Super. 

Number one movie that I never heard about and then I met someone involved in making it so now I will check it out... 96 minutes.

Source code, which was a great movie, was also a fun premiere.  Duncan Jones, the director, was as nervous as I am going to be at the premiewer of my movie on the 17th.  If you are in austin, please come down and rub my shoulders.

In short, Disney can stick it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SXSW Journal part 1: SXSW starts from the back of a cab.

Wow. Here I go on the first leg of my trip to south by southwest. I say "leg" because I am going to Austin by way of Denver. We, me and my crew, had to buy last minute tickets because our film was a late addition to the fest. In order to avoid astronomical prices I am traveling a day early on a broken trail.

We only finished our movie three weeks ago. AWXSW got whole of our trailer and then asked for a screened. Next thing we know our film is having a world premiere at the fest! The downside is the rush, like having to finish almost a months worth of post in about a week.

Check us out at

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Racist Elevator Lady

I was in a n elevator with a lady that I didn't know was racist until... well, you'll see.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A review of Juaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here

There are two ways that i can review, I'm Still Here/ I can review it as if it is mostly real, I can also review it as if it is mostly fake. What I am trying to say is that the chances of it being totally real or fake must be incredibly slim.

I'm not so sure that a sane man would go this far for a prank and I not so sure that a crzed man has this much genius and restraint at just the right time. Whichever you are closest to, Juaquin, I fucking love it.

Do you remember when Juaquin Phoenix was rumored to have dropped out of acting and then dove straight into a rap career? Well, during that entire time, there was a documentary beign made about the whole thing that's directed by his step brother in law Casey Affleck.

The film opens with what one would guess is a young Juaquin diving into a small body of water from a precarious rock formation under a waterfall. Whether it symbolizes the fearlessness of a boy who grows up to be a man who pulls of an elaborate and balls prank or the first wayward step of a wild boy is up to you to decide as you watch the strange yet riveting story of this movie unfold.

Juaquin, who early in the film starts to refer to himself as "J.P." becomes fed up with his life as an actor for reasons that he almost coherently explains. Using his clout as a movie star, he quickly gets meetings with P. Diddy, and performance time at a club in Los Angeles.

One of the best things the film shows is that there is never a time when anyone wholeheartedly agrees with Juaquin that what's he's doing is a good idea. Diddy rolls his eyes, fans cheer at first and then get quieter as they realize he's "serious" about drunkenly performing his half written rap songs... and slowly the world turns against him.

there's a great moment when you see a lot of clips of different comedians making fun of Juaquin.

If the movie is mostly real, then it's fantastic.

If it is, as I believe, mostly fake, then it's even better. And bravo to Juaquin for letting a friend poop on his face for a joke.*

*Yes, this happens. See the movie on Netflix instant right now.