Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Last Night I went to see music

I went to an open mic in Washington Heights.
I went with a friend who sat me by this woman she knew.  The woman had a crush on the guy on stage singing a throaty metrosexual balad.  I thought it would be funny to pretend I didnt know that she had a crush and jsu keep bringing up how god awful the singer was.  I expressed interest in throwing a bottle at him over and over again.  He was terrible, but in retrospect.  what the hell is wrong with me?

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Name is "I'm on NBC this week"!

Hey guys!
The season premiere of My Name is Earl that I have a guest starring spot on is on this week.  This will actually be the second time I have worked with Jason Lee.  The first time was in the movie A Guy Thing where he falsely accuses me of beating him up.  This time he has to make a deal with me in order to help one of his wronged people on his list.
I am not in it an incredible amount, but I do have a couple of scenes and one scene with Earl where I try to look threatening.  I play a gang leader in prison.
Anyhow, I am also now in preproduction for a new film that I am writing and directing.   I'll keep you informed. 
 Word Word Word!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back To LA this weekend

Hi there!  I'll be in LA this weekend agin for a screening of the movie Permanent Vacation at the Souther california independent film festival...
Word Word Word!
ME in the movie.