Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Wow, has it been a crazy week or wht?

Looks like I will be doing the Jimmy Kimmel show as a direct result of doing Premium Blend on comedy central... Go figure..

I'll give you more when I know more.

Friday, August 15, 2003


i am huge fan of blodd, gore, teenagers with bad attitudes and supernatural monsters.

Thi smovie rocked and gave me all the Freddy and Jason fighting that I wanted to see plus more.

Robert Englund must be laughing all the way to the bank. And say, let's hear it for gratuitous nudity!

My mom reads this page.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003


I arrived at the rehearsal in the wrong location. I was supposed to be in the green room, but for some reason I got instructions to go to the production office. I guess it all workes out in the end but I arrived a little later than I was supposed to . No big deal I guess.

We sis a run through with DL Highley, I;m sure that's not how you spekk his name, that seemed to go off without hitch. He screwed up may name in rehearsal which proved to make me a little more nervous than I should have been . Honestly, the one thing thatr kept me sane was my friend rylee, who was freaking out three or four times more than me. Rylee was in the same comedy competition that I was in when we appeared in LA a year ago. She won, but we both got premium blend so who cares! SWEET!

My nervousness paled in comparison to Ry;ee. Concentrating on making her feel better really made me feel better.

We had to walk out and say our first joke, look through the bullet points that some intern had made after watching tapes of our sets, and finally say the l;ast line of dialogue so the band would know their cue. Luckily, the whole thing wemt off without a hitch.

After the run through, Rylee and I went out to dinner with Allison, a kick ass Comedy Central employee with pearly black fingernails. We went to a restaurant where everything was twice the price that it should be. Rylee and I were not in the mood to pay huge prices for little meals, so it was lucky that Allison stepped in and made it all right. She paid. Bonnie, a very funny comic from LA, showed up and joined us. She had a cute hat that I thought made her look like Britany spears. There was a hsort debate as to whether or not she should wear the hat on the show, she was doing Premium Blend as well, but ultimately she went without it. My opinion had nothing to do with her choice.

Later on we go to the taping...

Before our taping began, there was another show happening for Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. It was pretty amazing to see some of these comics in action, One of my personal favorites is Jim Norton, he's funny and mean.

By the time I came downstairs, the stage manager was looking for me since she thought that I was not around. I turned out to be around and all went well with her. I got my make-up and my wardrobe all together, then it was time to do the show.

Another stage hand moved us all backstage and let us get situated while the warm up comic warmed upo the audience. The warm up comic iat one point tries to get people on the stage to do old school dancing. My ex girlfriend pops up on stage and starts turning it out. Every time I tell someone backstage that it's my ex on stage, I am then forced to explain that she is a clown..

The order was Chris, a bald comic, Rylee, a nervous comic, Me, and Darrell, a friendly comic with a lot of backstage ine liners.

Chris goes on and does great, he si follwed in a wonderful set by Rylee, who also knocks one out of the park. The next guy up is me.. I have to be honest. It was a great set. I had such a blast and then I was pat on the back by many of my friends. One of my friends was down in the green room with the CC staff and she tole me that people wer stomping there feet and clapping their hands. I really hope that was true.

Afterwards, I ran around the city with my friends and had a great time just eating and feeling like I knew what I was doing for once.

The biggest news... Someone from the show called the Jiommy Kimmel show and they have since asked me to do a spot on their show! In the next ive or so weeks, I will be on so wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

It's just a few hours before I go and tape my debut episode of premium blend.

Sure I'm nervous. I have never done a stand-up set on comedy centralbefore and this is kind of a big occasion. Honestly, there has never been a huge presenceof people withalbinism on television. I hope I can nip that in the butt right now...

In other news,at a party last night I got to seeagreat number of friends and that makes me happy.

My mother accidentally called me and wished me luck this morining.

Friday, August 01, 2003

This is going to sound totally stupid. but then again, that's just the way things are sometimes.

I hung out with this friend of mne and they ended up putting links to everyone's page but mine on their website. Do I stink or something. Man I oughtta...