Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just For Laughs Chicago Day 2

We screened at the Gene Siskel Theater in the middle of downtown Chicago. There were fans there who said they had been waiting to see the movie for weeks and were excited to get their eyes on it.

Now, having seen the movie screened in front of several different audiences, there was no more nervousness about how the movie would be received. They really enjoyed it.

The major hurdle now is to get the type of distribution that we want for the film. My last feature was released for broadcast on Comedy Central. Here we are at my next movie and I want something better. I really want it to have at least a small theatrical run and then move on to DVD and broadcast. I am not asking so much am I?

Ended the night by floating down to a popular Chicago show called Comics You Should Know. What a great show ir was and packed out as much as they could get it. They were nice enough to put me up on stage and I wasted no time in telling the absolute raunchiest joke I have ever written. Thanks guys!

The strangest conversation of the night...

GIRL: I usually get what I want because I'm pretty.
ME: I hope you want me to leave this conversation, cause that's what you are getting.

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