Sunday, January 09, 2011

Racist Elevator Lady

I was in a n elevator with a lady that I didn't know was racist until... well, you'll see.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

A review of Juaquin Phoenix in I'm Still Here

There are two ways that i can review, I'm Still Here/ I can review it as if it is mostly real, I can also review it as if it is mostly fake. What I am trying to say is that the chances of it being totally real or fake must be incredibly slim.

I'm not so sure that a sane man would go this far for a prank and I not so sure that a crzed man has this much genius and restraint at just the right time. Whichever you are closest to, Juaquin, I fucking love it.

Do you remember when Juaquin Phoenix was rumored to have dropped out of acting and then dove straight into a rap career? Well, during that entire time, there was a documentary beign made about the whole thing that's directed by his step brother in law Casey Affleck.

The film opens with what one would guess is a young Juaquin diving into a small body of water from a precarious rock formation under a waterfall. Whether it symbolizes the fearlessness of a boy who grows up to be a man who pulls of an elaborate and balls prank or the first wayward step of a wild boy is up to you to decide as you watch the strange yet riveting story of this movie unfold.

Juaquin, who early in the film starts to refer to himself as "J.P." becomes fed up with his life as an actor for reasons that he almost coherently explains. Using his clout as a movie star, he quickly gets meetings with P. Diddy, and performance time at a club in Los Angeles.

One of the best things the film shows is that there is never a time when anyone wholeheartedly agrees with Juaquin that what's he's doing is a good idea. Diddy rolls his eyes, fans cheer at first and then get quieter as they realize he's "serious" about drunkenly performing his half written rap songs... and slowly the world turns against him.

there's a great moment when you see a lot of clips of different comedians making fun of Juaquin.

If the movie is mostly real, then it's fantastic.

If it is, as I believe, mostly fake, then it's even better. And bravo to Juaquin for letting a friend poop on his face for a joke.*

*Yes, this happens. See the movie on Netflix instant right now.