Friday, December 23, 2011

The Napkin Game

My favorite game to play in a bar is The Napkin Game, as I call it.  Honestly I cam up with it as a way to get to know a date and be charming and creative all at the same time.  Now that I have a serious girlfriend, i am passing this game on to you.

Participants alternate whispering the names of animals in each others ear and then counting to ten. When it is your turn, you turn, you draw the animal you have been given and then you have ten seconds to complete the animal.  Once your time is up, you turn around and give an animal to your opponent and then count to ten for them as well.

Once all the animals are drawn, say perhaps each of you gets three animals to draw, you must seek out a third party to give their best guess as to what each animal is.  You get a point for every one of your animals that the third party recognizes. The person with the most points (recognizable animals) wins.

1. Make a bet at the beginning of the game. When the stakes are higher, it's more fun.

2. The more specific the animal is, the harder it is to draw. Be careful because since you give animals back and forth, if you give a hard one then one is surely coming your way next.  A Monkey is easier to draw in ten seconds than a chimpanzee.

I just played this last night with my GF.  The picture posted here is the result of a clues that was given to me .  Can you guess what it is?
I actually won the game and the bet was that the loser has to make a comic strip starring the winner every day for a week.  so look for comics starring me to be posted every day starring me and drawn by Laura Solomin.

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  1. Raquel Gray11:50 AM

    Obviously a blowfish. Or is it called a puffer fish?