Monday, June 20, 2011

How to See Strippers for Free OR The Just For Laughs Chicago Wrap Up

The last night of JFL Chicago I performed in The Best of The Fest show
with acts like Deon Cole and Nick Vatterott. There were many others,
but none that I am just DYING to type out right now. One of the
organizers gave me a fist pound at the end of my set, which I am
assuming is a good thing.

The show was in great club called the Red Bar I believe. It had two
floors and a green room filled with snacks. The show started at
midnight and went on for two to three hours. At about twelve thirty
it became apparent that the venue had double booked the space.
Really? TBS pays for a space and then the manager double books it
with a.. wait for it... Birthday party? Wow.

The second floor WAS being used as a green room and a holding area,
but when I went up there after my set, the place was filled with
Tools watching Asian strippers do their thing using the seating areas
and coffee tables our food were on as their stage! Yuck! I scampered
downstairs and immediately began sending other people upstairs to
check out the "show."

One of the most memorable parts of the fest for me?

Microsoft had a computer set up with a touch screen that you could
draw pictures on. I decided to do fan art of some o f the comics in
attendance. One piece that I did of Neal Brennan, co creator of the
Chappelle Show, stayed up for long enough that people started adding
digital "stickers" and their own touches to it. I found this
adorable especially since most there were so many hard edged comics
about. I was surprised nobody put a penis in his mouth or something.

Below you can see the pic I used for inspiration. The original
drawing I did with my finger and then the final piece of "Group Art."

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