Thursday, March 17, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 5: How we got here.

We didn't submit to SXSW.

2011-03-17 10.44.29.jpg

On Feb 3, we released a trailer for out film on youtube.  There was a planned screening on Feb 15.  We , at this point, had not even finished the edit for the screening.  Actually, the edit wasn't quite finished on Feb 15.

A day or so before the screening, I got an email from a rep at sxsw.  He had seen the trailer and remembered that I had previously submitted The Awkward Comedy Show to the fest a few years ago.  apparently it had almost gotten in, nice to hear at this point.  Anywaaaaaaaaaaay.....  The rep asked for a screener of Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film! 

A bout a week later we heard that sxsw would like to premiere our movie at their festival.  We would have a late premiere because there were only a few slots left but on the upside we were invited to the fest.  Holy shit, for real!

The downside.  We had a week to finish our film.  That meant we had to do like a month of post production in a week.  Lots of love goes out to my editor Steve Rosenthal, and my Sound re-recordist Jason Kanter.  We all had very little sleep and many aggravating phone calls that whole week, but hey, A feature I directed is premiering at SXSW!  

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