Monday, October 26, 2009

Bestalbino Podcast 003 - Don't Talk About My P*nis

Welcome to our first guest, Myq Kaplan! Here he is right before he tapes his first half hour special for Comedy Central. Funny and guy!.

In this episode.

- Enough about my p*nis!
- The night and party before
- Claudia is in trouble
- Comedy Central likes Myq more
- The amazing Albino Race
- Halloween Costumes
a new weekly segment where I talk about a joke that I am writing.
- The dating game.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bestalbino Podcast 002 - The Human Centipede

In this episode, I find out why i hurt the things I like. With special guest, Myka Fox.

Stuff we cover:

- How I met my ex.
- Emotional courtesy.
- I stood a girl up and don't feel that bad about it.
- A portrait of poop.
- Paranormal Activity
- The Human Centipede
- Maria Shriver and Shwarzenegger.


Friday, October 16, 2009

The Harry Potter Rule

If you are friends with Harry Potter and you have been so for many years, and you find out that he is the chosen one,, try listening to him. Like when THE CHOSEN ONE who has been right for seven years says he thinks someone might be evil and saw them doing evil things, don't say, "I'm sure you were mistaken, Harry."

Better still, Harry, how about saying, "IDIOT! I am the chosen one! Don't mess with this perfection! I am always right and I winn every Quiddige game, so let's start paying attention to the scarred wizard over here and put this shit to rest!. Damn! I didn't want to have to go off like that, but ya'll made me get my wand up!"

That's the Harry Potter Rule.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bestalbino Podcast 001 - The Formula For Vagina

This is the very first episode of my new weekly podcast. Sorry about the audio in the beginning. It gets better and by next week we will have new mics and all. Check it out though. It's funny.


- Claudia discloses the secret formula for vagina
- The kissing contest
- How Claudia and I met
- Alopecia Party
- The Roomate of a terrorist
- Keith and the Girl Fans
- What a dick I am


Friday, October 02, 2009

Watch 20/20 tonight and see me.

Yes, people at ABC were trusting enough to put me on camera.


In truth, the hour is a profile of albinism around the world.  As part of that profile, they talk to me for a while considering I am one of the more successful people with albinism in entertainment.


Here's a preview.


I hate the sound of my own voice.




Thursday, October 01, 2009

20/20 thinks I'm newsworthy

In fact, they may be wrong, but they did follow me around for a  while and take my picture a lot.  This is a great web piece to compliment the show that airs soon. (Friday)  It should be a hoot.


What exactly is a hoot?