Sunday, March 13, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 3: Gathering the Troops

Finally, Liam McEneaney, my co-executive producer and star of "tell Your Friends" and Steven Rosenthal our editor have come to town.  The cult of Tell Your friends is gathering and the three of us are honing our schmoozing skills.  The truth is that we don't actually have to do that much work.  Once we get someone to look at our trailer or read about the film, it seems to do all the work itself.  

We were lucky in that a few weeks ago we released the trailer for our film and then SXSW contacted us and requested a screener.  One thing led to another and suddenly we were invited to have our world premiere at the prestigious fest.  We were happy and a little bit nervous.

Outside the Vimeo theater, they have a red carpet and screen set up so we decided to take a practice photo.

Last night we saw SUPER the new disturbing film by James Gunn.  It really is fantastic, but definitely not for everyone.  Any hard core comic nook fan will be 100 percent behind this movie.  Kevin Bacon plays himself.

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