Thursday, July 22, 2010

My two word Review of INCEPTION - Fantastically Trippy

My five word review of INCEPTION - Dumb people should not go.

My haiku review of INCEPTION -

Christopher Nolan,
You are my movie hero
M. Night can suck it.

My two paragraph review of INCEPTION -

Every time I hear someone talk about Inception they talk about how much fun, trippy or gripping it is and they rarely talk about the science fiction elements of the film. That's a good thing and hard to do because the science fiction in the movie runs pretty deep. To make a film that steeped in a pretend technology and have the audience walk away talking about the emotional aspect of the film is a feat that I don't think many other movies pull off. Just like THE DARK KNIGHT was a great crime thriller, that also had Batman in it, this movie is an exquisite action noir epic, that also has a ton of sci-fi.

I am deliberately staying away from talking about the plot because that will make the movie more fun for everyone. Let's talk about the ending once you've seen it.

++++++++++ POSSIBLE SPOILERS BELOW THIS LINE++++++++++++++

The lady or the tiger?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lookie me directing and sh*t

Soooo, we have officaly wrapped pricipal photography on the Tell Your Friends Movie. Since the movie is supported by an extensive documentary portion I got a chance to direct quite a few interviews with comedians that I would consider to be masters of their craft. There is nothing more entertaining than listening to people talk about what they really believe in and know well in an impassioned manner.

Now the post production process wll begin. I am both dreading and looking forward to the post production process.

Next up, I will be directing a new reality TV series. More on that later.