Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just For Laughs Chicago Day 1

My plane was delayed because one of our flight attendants showed up late. This caused the entire flight to arrive about an hour late. While many people on the flight missed their connecting flights to Europe, for me it meant that I had to get from Ohare to my hotel and then to my first show of the fest in an hour and 45 minutes.

Don't worry everyone, I made it. Relax and let the tension flow out of your body.

The Beat Kitchen is a rock club that also has the amazing Chicago Underground Comedy show, which was started years ago by Tony Sam and Brooke Van Poppelen. It's currently under the loving care of Dan Telfer and Elizabeth McQuern. (I think I am getting these facts right, but I don't really care to research. You do that, I'm in a hotel and I have to pee.)

Every single comic on the show had a great set, including me. It was one of those shows that just started off right and everyone rode the giggly wave of insanity to the shores of ... you get it.

Quick reviews of everyone I saw.

Tony Sam, My favorite Robot impression of the night. super Funny.
Candy Lawrence, Adored her. Wacky as hell, may need to be commited.
James Fritz, Genius with a beard. I usually shut down on someone who has anything political to say, but his funny beats my laziness.
Beth Shelling, Her writing makes me envy her. So glad I have a bigger penis or it would be unbearable.
Nick Vatterot, So freaking hilarious and the second best robot impression of the night.

But holy god. Sean Flannery did an excerpt from his one man show and had the entire room holding their sides begging for mercy. Someone please take his show and turn it into a movie. He is so freaking funny and the stories he tells about hiss near death experiences punctuated by photos and cartoons made me want to seek out his whole show as soon as I can. He earns the coveted COMIC WHO MADE ME FORGET I HAD A DRINK IN MY HAND award.

Tonight at 8pm my movie Tell Your Friends! The Concert Film screens at The Gene Siskel Theater in Chicago as part of the festival. You should come to it if you can.

Also, i will be performing in The Best of the Fest on Friday night so if you are around, come give me some taffy.

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