Saturday, March 12, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 2: Disney Sucks

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One of the things that  I was most excited about was the Tron Legacy immersion lounge at SXSW.  It was advertised as a complete Tron experience.  I am a hige fan of the first movie and all of the trailers from the second movie.  Tron Legacy itself was a muddled bust with amazing special effects.  The Tron lounge consisted of a few 3D TV's set up that you could watch.  A couple of art books set out.  Ipads with a partner app to the Blu Ray setup up.  Some glowing srips on the wall and a cheap frisbe that they give you that didn't evn look like the discs in tron.  Thanks disney for continuing to mine my childhood excitement.  I blam George Lucas for starting the trend.

Thumbs up however for the Deviant Art lounge at SXSW!  They had everything set up so that you could create digital art, physical art, and walk through a gallery of the finest artists on Deviant.  Deviant had some of their top employees on hand telling great stories about artists on Deviant that managed to get work and how the community interacted. 

I took a picture of a woman that looked like she was doing a crayon drawing of herself.  turns out that she was actually drawing a woman that was standing near her with almost the same hair and glasses.

Last night I waited in my very first line for a world premiere.  More important than that, i made my first, "You're a filmmaker?  I'm a filmmaker!" connections while we waited to see Source Code.  Waiting in line for almost two hours seems ridiculous now that I have rejoined the Non-waiting in line society.  although I plan on doing it again tonight for the movie Super. 

Number one movie that I never heard about and then I met someone involved in making it so now I will check it out... 96 minutes.

Source code, which was a great movie, was also a fun premiere.  Duncan Jones, the director, was as nervous as I am going to be at the premiewer of my movie on the 17th.  If you are in austin, please come down and rub my shoulders.

In short, Disney can stick it.

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