Friday, May 27, 2011

Okay, I Saw a Few Episodes of Glee

I liked it! But to be honest, it's not the singing and dancing numbers. I liked the characters, namely the lead girl and the dumb jock that she has the hots for... I liked them especially when they were the main characters in the movie Election starring Reese witherspoon.

Now, I am not saying that Glee doesnt rip off the characters and styles of the movie Election and even add some of their own stuff in and do it pretty well, but I do think the creators of Election should be getting a royalty check since Glee so liberally heisted characters and tone from that movie.

Even the voice over from different characters perspectives! I know, other movies have done that too, but not other movies with a high strung girl that is trying to breed herself for excellence in a high school setting with a dumb jock lead that is good at everything but stupid as a stuffed bear. Take a look at Election if you are a fan of Glee, and then tell me I'm wrong if you are a fan of lying to yourself.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am on my way to Pittsburgh to do some dates as a feature for Hannibal Buress. It's like The Awkward Comedy Show all over again... except I headlined that show and he is headlining this one. And there's nobody else on the show but us... And for some reason he is really into tiny planes.

I was a last minute addition to the show so they didnt have my hotel and travel budgeted, but i am making enough so that is not an issue... but in order to keep my profits at a maximum, I am trying to do things on the cheap... Priceline anyone?

I ended up getting a hotel a couple of miles from the Improv In Pittsburgh and a cheap Megabus ticket. I stayed up all night so that I can sleep the entire way. Now that I have gotten the bus ticket, I maybe should have paid the extra $$ for a plane. Dang.

If you are in Pittsburgh today, tomorrow or Saturday and you want to see some excellent comedy, and me, then come on down to the Improv from the 26 to the 28th of May!

Peace, negroes!

Women in White Dresses Can't Catch a Break

Look at these two posters. You knwo how things tend to go in phases? Or maybe they poster designer had two accounts due at the same time and decided to give them slightly different versions of the same thing, but i think the point is made loud and clear... People in dark clothes have blonde women in dingy white dresses. That IS horror.

Sigh, I hanker for the days when it was Japanese girls with hair over their faces.

One of these is the new John Carpenter film and the other is supposed to be an amazing Spanish language film. They are both on their way out soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Terrible television is on its Way

The new Napoleon Dynamite promo reminds you what comedy is by being an aggressive example pf the opposite. Can you spot a joke in this promo? I mean one that makes you laugh? Not the kind where it's timed and delivered like a joke, but actually one that makes you smile... even a little.

If you are laughing out loud at this, then please tell me where you are so that I can stop by and slap some sense into you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am going to have a REVERSE BIRTHDAY PARTY tonight!

Hi there!

I just made up a thing!

It's my birthday today and rather than throw a party at my house and
have people come trash it, I decided to come to you wherever you are
in New York and screw around with your shit! I will be hopping from
place to place all night, just tell me where you are and at what
time and I will try and make it by. This is open to friends and
strangers as I will be traveling with a babysitter.

One of my best friends Jason Kanter will be there to make sure I don't
slap anybody too much.

So email me or text me and hopefully I'll see you!

Love Victor!

PS, i will break your stuff!