Thursday, August 30, 2007


You know who Dick Grayson is. I do. Dick Grayson is Robin. You know Robin, Batman’s sidekick. He’s awesome. He started out in the circus. This is my first time in a trapeze class. I could be Robin, with years of training, something that reversed my age, and if my family was lost in a horrible circus accident.

I’m so glad my family isn’t in the circus.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Church of Bones

Did you know that in Prague, there's a Church that has all of it's interior decorations made out of bones?
I find this incredible for a couple of reasons that may not be apparent.
1.  Someone had to ask permision to put human bone decorations inside a church.
1a.  Someone else had to say yes.
2.  Someone had to ask someone else for the money to make church decorations out of human bones.
2a.  Someone else had to say yes.
3.  Someonedidn't freak out and burn the church to the ground screaming, "Geez really!?  A church of bones!"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm not in Prague! I'm in Lodz!

Okay, so the part  of the movie, "Contact High"  that I am shooting in Prague is not actually in Prague.  One of the main locations is in Prague, but I'm in Lodz.  A smaller town next to Warsaw.


It's cool.  I met my first nun at immigration.  She cut in line.  I have to admit that I thought that was a gross abuse of power.


My hotel is actually an eastern European casino.  I have never been inside a casino outside of the US.  I am going to go check it out and get stabbed.  I hope I meet the head of the Polish mafia and he befriends me and then forces me to marry his daughter, who turns out to be beautiful but in love with a handsome janitor and we all have to fake mine and her death just to get away from her father…


Day one of shooting in Poland tomorrow.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Day One on My Name is Earl

The first day of shooting was fun and a little bit of a chore.  I arrived at the parking lot to meet the van that would take me out to the set at about 9 am.  Now, nornormally a car would pick you up and take you to the set or you would deliver yurself to the set, but since the shoot was at an immigration prisonn in Lancaster I was told that I would have to take a bus out.  The ride takes about an hour and the conversation almost nnon existant for me.  I do chit chat with this guy named Nate a bit about his acting work and aspirations.
The hihtlight of the shoot day would have to be that Jason Lee remembered me from working on A Guy Thing with him, or at least his people must have told him that I was the same guy who worked on a guy thing with him.  Anyhow, it fet nice,
We were in a desert so there was a ton of dust being kicked up by the wind in the 105 degree weather.  Today my throat feels like I was swallowing sandpaper all night. 
At this point I only have one more day of shooting to finish out the two episode that I will be in.  I hope I survive.
Now I'm in LA trying to figure out wjat to do on a Friday night...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Name Is Not Earl

Hey guys!
Looks like I'm coming to LA to shoot two episodes as a guest star on My Name Is Earl.  This will be the seconf time I've played second bananna to Jason Lee.
I'll be in LA from the 13th to the 21st and then I fly to prague to shoot the an Austrian Film called Contact High in which I play God.  What?  Yes, God.
If you are in LA then feel free to look me up/  I'm sure I'll be performing around the city as well.
Word.  Word!  WORD!