Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SXSW Journal Part 4: Too Many Tacos

2011-03-14 23.35.36.jpg
Just a word of advice to attendees of SXSW.  Please, don't bang on the door constantly when I am in the middle of a complicated poo.  I will yell at you.

Seeing this movie made me both happy and sad.  Happy, because it was loads of fun and managed to stay crazy all the way through.  I have been making it a habit to try and ask a question at every  panel or screening that I go to.  My question for the director is a contains spoilers so i won't share it here, but please check out that movie, it has my highest recommendation.

I spent my very first night "out" in Austin.  i went to a snazzy club and had free drinks chips and salsa.

Later, I have to go potty again.

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