Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Marvel's Shame Itself Arrives in Stores Today!

Finally you can run into your favorite comic store and grab a copy of Shame Itself! it's a comedy anthology book taking pot shots at all the Marvel superheroes. With stories by Me, Wyatt Cenac (also black) Elliot Kalan (adorable) Kurt Braunoholer (hard to spell name)  Sara Benicasa (terrible at pooping)  Michael Kupperman (shaves too much)

cover by Skotie Young and my story, The Last Attack is drawn by Clayton Henry!

Why are you still reading this and not running to the comic book store.  There will be a signing at Jim Hanley's universe (a comic book store here in NYC) at 6pm where me and many other writers who worked on the book will be waiting to have you come by and hi five us!


On Wednesday, November 2 Marvel releases SHAME ITSELF, an amazing parody book form some of the coolest comedians and comic creators on the planet! To celebrate, JHU will be hosting a massive signing with some of New York City's hottest comedians and cartoonists!

Signing at our Manhattan Location on Wednesday, November 2 beginning at 6:00pm are comedians Sara Benincasa, Kurt Braunohler, Victor Varnado, and The Daily Show's Elliott Kalan! Joining them are some of the book's great creators including editor Tom Brennan, cartoonists Stephanie Buscema, Jacob Chabot, Dean Haspiel, Michael Kupperman and more! Wow!

Here's Marvel's PR on this cool new comic:
GET READY FOR THE MOST EARTH SHATTERING, WORLD DESTROYING, INSURANCE-RATE HIKING, EVENT IN MARVEL HISTORY SINCE THE LAST ONE! Wyatt Cenac and Elliott Kalan of "The Daily Show" lead a cavalcade of comedy's finest minds to answer the questions about the Marvel Universe you were ashamed to ask! This Fall, the Marvel U will be rocked down to its spandex wearing core! Be ashamed. Be VERY ashamed!