Thursday, October 04, 2007

Draw me something

At a restaurant last night a woman approached me and announce that she had seen me do comedy.  I asked her what she did and she said she was a visual artist.
Now, when people find out that you are a professional comedian the most popular response is for them to immediately ask you to tell them a joke.  My usual response is to tell them I am a professional comedian so they should pay me.  I thought it would bw a delightful turn if I asked the woman who had just told me that she was an artist to draw me something.
Her:  Uh.. Okay.. I will sometime.
Me: Now.
Her: Now?
Me: Yes.
Her:  Okay... What do you want me to draw?
Me: A bunny rabbit.
Her: A bunny rabbut?  ... doing what?
Me:  A bunny rabbit smiling and holding an easter egg.
Her:  I don't have a marker.
Me:  I've got a pen.
She half heartedly drew me the crappiest rabbit I have ever seen.  It was my own fault.

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