Sunday, October 07, 2007

Boston Comedy Fest Day - 1

The first day of the Bostone comedy festival I traveled up to boston on the Lucky Star line out of Chinatown at about 11 am. We had one pit-stop at a grocery store where I bought enormos amounts of String cheese.

When I got to the festival, there was a guy who handed out flyers that listed everyone there so that they could make a ppol as to who was going to win the contest as part of the fest. Basicaqlly it was a sheet with every participant listed and a number by their name showing whether or not they were favorites fior the preliminary rounds. I was favored, but many people I knew were not. Kind of daunting.

When the contest finally took place, I ended up "winning". It's not really a win yet. I basically move on to the next round. Thursday is the semi finals andsaturday is the finals. I am going back ti NYC in the morning and will be back in boston by Thursday.

If anyone is around, look me up. SOX!!!!!!!!

P. S. I know nothing about sports. One of my friends told me to put that there.

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