Friday, October 12, 2007

Boston Comedy Finals

If you are in Boston then come to the Boston Comedy Festival finals.  I made it all the way and strangely enough, I had no idea that it was  big deal. 
The final show is at:
The Majestic Theater in Boston
Saturday 8:00 pm
My picks for the contests are Hannibal and Myq Kaplan.  You can find out more about them on the festival website or by Google.  Both of them are smart and very funny.  I don't think that I would be unhappy to lose to either of them.   Bear in mind that there are many comics in the festival that I haven't seen and are freaking hilarious so there may very well be plenty of people that I would not be unhappy to lose to.
( I hope I win.)
altruism is for sissies.

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