Wednesday, September 14, 2005

holiday- day three

Okay so yesterday was an experience that is hard to sum up. In this movie I play a character who runs a convenience store., speaks in a thick southern accent, and stutters. No big deal usually but in this film, we are shooting on location in a convenience store in Milton, Florida. There is a sense of embarrassment when you portray a southern stutterer in front of southern stutterers.

Some of the people who came into the convenience store wore shirts but they were in the minority. There was one guy who came in wearing a beard, a tattoo, and overalls. He had come in to pick up his moring beer. I don't fault him for having a morning beer, I fault mydelf for never seeing the light.

Today I challenged the entire crew to a dance off at lunch time. Later I will be killed by an axe.


  1. You are a delight (said in the voice of James Lipton). Good luck getting the ax later.

  2. This is the only comment that I have had in a long while.