Monday, September 12, 2005

Fw: What We Did on our Holiday - Day 1

I am about to go to the airport on and fly into Pensacola Florida.  This is the move that I am working on:
Apparently, on my first shooting day (tomorrow)  I will meet David Carradine.  I hope that I can excite him in to Karate chopping me.  I really don't think that there's much of a chance that he still has the power that he had in the early days.  Maybe he'll read this and prove me wrong.
Anyway, I am definitely excited about the trip. Want to see inside the Hollywood machine?
Here is an e-mal I sent to my agent this morning.
I am about to head to the airport.  I still do not know.
1.  Who is picking me up in Florida, if anyone
2.  Where I will be staying
3.  I know nothing about daily per diem
I called the production office this weekend , and left a message,but as of yet, I have had no call back.
Anyway we can get some of these answers before I land?
Making movies is fun!
I should get a mid sized travel bag because all I have is the small and the large one and this trip is right in the middle.


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