Saturday, April 17, 2010

On the Road Again for the first time

So... on the heels of my comedy special being released, I decided to add some club work to my rep.  I've appeared on television a lot and I have worked on movies and stuff, but the part of my "essential' standup training that I have neglected has always been doing the road at clubs all over the US.

The weird thing is that since I have been at standup for a while and I have a bunch of TV credits, I am starting out as a headliner.

 First Stop The Funnybone in Pittsburgh North.  There are two Funnybone clubs in pittsburgh.  Theri main club in downtown and their secondary club a little north of P-burgh in a convention hotel.  The latter is where I have landed.  My first show was a show that was added at the last minute.  it was a benefit show for the MS Society.  I considered not doing the joke I normally do about Stephen Hawking but once I was in front of the crowd it seemed like they would take it pretty well and indeed they did.  The joke wasnt making fun of his ailments anyway, It was more about what a ladies man he he can be.  The bit was met with great appreciation.

The second show last nigth was sparsely attended because there was a Pittsburgh Penguins game on TV.  (What kind of a name is penguins for a sports team?  Even a hockey team?)  The house maybe had twenty people at the most.  One couple was spending all their time making out.  Really, I had no idea why they even came out of the house.  It was still a fun show though.  Even with a small crowd sometimes you have have a great time, and so it was.

the saving grace of this entire trip has been Lance Weiss, my opener, he has been as entertaining as anything on th trip.  He admits that he has a little bit of an OCD thing going on so he analyzes and then re analyzes the sets that he has and once that is done he analyzes it a few more time.  He make me laugh, which is helpful.

Well, I am about to go the infamous Square Cafe in Oitssburgh and then watch Kick Ass.

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