Monday, January 09, 2006

Weekend Nutshell

I did two performances on Friday, the first was at the Rob and Mark show.  One of the other comedians was Christian Finnegan, who does a lot of tuff on Best Week Ever.  He's a funny guy but if came down to a fight, I would BEAT - HIS - ASS!  I did a joke about the movie Snake on a Plane and I think I have unwittingly added to the movies popularity.
Later that night I did a show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater and ended up performing with MC Chris.  You know they guy who does the theme for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force?  My mother is probably scratching her head right now reading this.  Well mom, I know you know how to use google, you used to work for the government.
I went to see Grandma's Boy and then to do a show at The Pit.  Um...  Grandma's Boy alterbated between being funny and not so funny although my absolute favorite scene I won't describe here so that you can be surprised yourself.  Does that make sense?
I went dancing with FRIENDS at bar none after the show.  I like to dance a lot.
I hosted the first Sundays film festival with Jay Stern and had a great time.  We dress alike when we host the show and it rocks.  Later we had an after party and I danced even though there was no music.

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