Friday, January 27, 2006

Grandma's candy Box

Tonight I did a show that was run by my ex girlfriend and one of her best friends.  Although it had all the makings for a disaster it turned out to be a pretty fun show.
One of the other comics didn;t show up and on top of that many of the comics that were there had sets that were iffy at best.
On my way onto the stage the DJ started playing another one bites the dust.  I  asked him if that meant he had an opinion on how the show was going so far.
A newer joke that I had went over extremely well.  I have to start putting more of my sets online.


  1. Hey Victor when is your next show? On another note I see you as a special guest on Mad TV.

  2. Zulutomb, I am going to post my schedule later today. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Anonymous... please calm down. I would love to have a conversation if you stop flipping out. Good luck with that.

  3. Hey Victor was was a good short movie Flight. Were you acting at the end or were you really pissed?

  4. it was alittle of both. I managed to trick them.

  5. I'm probably going to be in NYC Feb 4-8 are you playing any shows at that time?

    Duluth, MN

  6. Hey Cathie. If you look to the right on my site you can see listings of shows. I am wiil be performing in a great show on the 4th and hosting a film fesival on the fifth. Take your pick!

  7. "am wil be" ? what am I typing about?!

  8. thanks for the great review. cant wait to have you back.