Monday, November 07, 2005

This is Jay.

About three and a half years ago Jay and I started First Sundays comesdy film festival.

I went off to LA but yesterday marked my very silly return to the show as a producer and a co host.

Jay and I erformed a sketch together. We were funny.


  1. Hey, Victor!

    I think I spotted you on the subway, going to Astoria on Saturday night....either I was star-struck, and too shy to address you (I have had the pleasure of admiring your improv work at Chicago City Limits) or my better judgement prevailed, in the event that there is actually another person who looks exactly like you, and I wanted to save myself some embarrassment...

    Nevertheless, now that I see that you are in NYC, I look forward to seeing more performances...feel free to put my e-mail address on any upcoming mailings for shows. I'm not a stalker (yea, that's what they all say) just a fellow performer (trapeze artist, to be exact)and run-on sentencer...

  2. Hi Jenn. You might want to sen me your e-mail if you want to be added to mny mailing list. Again, I cannot add your e-mail if you have never given me your e-mail.


    Trapetze?! That's awesome.