Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My Brainis on Fire

For the past few days straight I have been doing nothing but witing from when I wake p until I go to sleep.  I have some iimportnt work due at the end of the week and I have buried myself in work until that time.  I have to get things just right if i have any say in it at all.
I haveonly come up for air once or twice in the past week and I think what that means is this.  After I am done with this stage of work, I will go out and party like there is no tomorrow for a while.  I will run around ith a torch and only wearing underwear while I scare the natives.
If I get a chance, i will dive off of a tall building with only a parachute and see if I can make it to the other side of the island on one jump.
Someone please stop by and slap my face.

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