Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The good and bad

I hopt the blog thing doesn't bunch all of this up. I have been trying a
new thing where I can send my posts to an email address and then they are
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line breaks where I don't want them or to make the entire post one
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One of my friends just brought the girl of his dreams back home. Me next

I had one of the best shows that I think that I have ever had in a while
tonight, so I think that it is fitting that I remind you all of the worst
show that has ever graced the television.

I think this show was on for like a week before it got cancelled.


Plot Summary for
"Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer, The"
Desmond Pfeiffer (the P is pronounced) was a black British gentleman who was
run out of England after being accused of cheating at cards. He takes a job
as butler to a perpetually horny Abraham Lincoln in the White House during
the Civil War.

1. A.O.L.: Abe On-Line
gs: Teresa Barnwell (Hillary Clinton) Christian J. Meoli (Telegraph
Operator) Terry Kiser () Len Lesser ()

Lincoln engages in "telegraph sex" with a woman he's never seen.

b: 05-Oct-1998 pc: 40227-002 w: Jim Gerkin d: Matthew Diamond


2. Up, Up and Away
gs: Stephen Tobolowsky (Early) Curtis Armstrong (Forrest)

Desmond, Nibblet and the President wind up trapped behind enemy lines after
a freak accident with an observation balloon, and President Lincoln must
dress in drag to escape Southern territory. Meanwhile, General Grant tries

b: 12-Oct-1998 pc: 40227-003 w: Marc Abrams and Michael Benson


3. Saving Mr. Lincoln
gs: Wendy Worthington (Queen Victoria) Roland Kickinger (Lars)

When Lincoln falls ill before a meeting with Queen Victoria, Mary Todd
decides to hire a body double to impersonate the president. Little does the
body double know that she's got another use in mind for him.

b: 19-Oct-1998 pc: 40227-004 w: Brian Pollack & Mert Rich d: Matthew Diamond


4. Once Upon a Mistress
gs: Jack Salvatore, Jr. (Young Abe Lincoln)

When foreign dignitaries bring their mistresses to visit, President Lincoln
finds temptation in a gift from a foreign dignitary. Meanwhile, Nibblet
concocts a tonic for Mary's migraines.

b: 26-Oct-1998 pc: 40227-007 w: Brian Boulware d: Matthew Diamond


5. Pilot

After managing to get himself hired as President Lincoln's butler, Desmond
Pfeiffer schemes to return to his native England.

b: UNAIRED pc: 40227-001

NOTE: Scheduled to air on October 5, 1998. African-American groups (most of
whom didn't even bother to watch the series) complained 'till the cows came
home, and UPN--after recutting it more than once--shelved it.


6. Pigeon English

b: UNAIRED pc: 40227-005


7. Kidnapped
gs: Beverly Leech (Mrs. Robert E. Lee) Glenn Shadix (Robert E. Lee) Rue
McClanahan (Lucille)

When Confederate soldiers kidnap Mrs. Lincoln, Grant retaliates by
kidnapping Robert E. Lee's wife.

b: UNAIRED pc: 40227-006 w: Ron Nelson and Mark Steen d: Matthew Diamond

NOTE: Chi went on the Roseanne talk show and stated that he could care less
what people thought of the show and he refused to meet with the people that
wanted the show cancelled. The next day the series was cancelled.
originally scheduled to air on 2 Nov 1998


8. School Daze
gs: Ezra Buzzington (George Axelrod)

b: UNAIRED pc: 40227-008 d: Matthew Diamond

NOTE: Guest star Ezra Buzzington's website has some interesting
behind-the-scenes details on this episode.


9. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

b: UNAIRED pc: 40227-009

-- scary cute

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  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    The worst thing about Desmond Pfeiffer was that it was an obvious-yet-uncredited ripofff of Blackadder.

    --Greg S. from high school