Thursday, June 24, 2004

Bowl to the beat yo!

I just went bowling! 
I love to bowl, especially since I just got a few free lessons when I was working on a film that is based around me bowling.  Yeah, I will post it later, but the real treat is that I have learned to bowl better than I have ever bowled in my life!
I went bowling with a friend and it was an experience unlike any other time I have ever been out bowling.  The alley that we went to blared loud hip hop music while we were bowling.  Not only did it energize us while we were bowling, it allowed us to bowl and then dance for a bit while we were waiting for our ball to come back in the return.
Of all the songs that I heard while we were bowling, the best song to dance to while the ball was on its way back was "Sex Machine" by James Brown.
Try it, unless you are lame.

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