Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racist Plotlines

I know I complained about the blackface on Mad Men last week or so.  Well this week there was a plotline where Pete Campbell figures out that a line of televisions were selling very well to Negroes and decides to question the elevator attendant, who is white-JUST KIDDING HE IS BLACK,  and ask him what kind of TV's he and his friends buy.  At one point Pete looks him in the face and asks, "Do you think I'm a bigot?"  PLEASE HAVE THESE RACIST PLOTLINES ADD UP TO SOMETHING IN THE END.


Yesterday I watched Sons of Anarchy, you know the show about a motorcyclye gang?  The protagonists are bikers, who are pretty racist whenever they encounter black  people in the show, but to balance is out, this season they have brought in Henry Rollins t play the bad guy, who is a white supremist.  Protagonist racism multiplied by antagonists really racism equals me pouting on my couch.


It’s not like these shows are the only shows out there.  I know not all of TV is having racist plotlines this season, but damn! did I ever get short end of the stick on my DVR picks.


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