Monday, September 21, 2009

I have a request

An open letter to:

I realize that you guys are busy putting your show together, but it would make me the happiest fan of Splendid Things if you could incorporate more frowny black and white pictures into your press materials.  I get no greater pleasure than imagining what your show will be like when I let myself drift into the distant gazes of some of your current photographs, but if you could add even more I think that my journey into the sad place where unsmiling clowns sip from tiny teacups would be complete and I would be ready to delve into your show.

Also, less babydoll heads, that shit is creepy.

Victor Varnado
.A big "fan".


  1. I totally see your point once I saw their website LOL.

  2. They're actualy a very funny improv grou that adores weird pictures.