Friday, October 03, 2008

Estonia so Far

Pictured above: Hot Swiss girl pours beer into a bag for me.... what?!

Okay, so I fly into Estonia and get picked upp by the festival coordinator and his brooding artist sidekick. All is god.

We get to the artists quarters that is in the inside of a repurposed old factory. Very cool if you want everything to look like an old horror mvie, not so cool if you aew planning on sleeping ther, which they were planning on for me. I see that I have plenty of typos behind me, but fuck it. The shining light of my trip so far has been the nude sauna on the first day of the trip. It was fun and everyone was nude, like 4 guys and on dutch girl. I decided to give out an award for the hariest balls. (You can't have naked people forgetting that they're naked, now can you?)

Our first screening was fun, if you like watching people who barely understand english trying to enjoy decidedly english comedy films. We have video of all of this. We ended the night last night by going to an Estonian disco. Lot's of tall, hyper-blonde women, and a ton more women than men. I don't now what the hell these people are eating, but my guess is villagers.

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  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    ... there are non-nude saunas?