Sunday, October 05, 2008

The End of Estonia

Pictured above: The manager and curator of the Non Grata Art Container in Estonia sits in front of the Sauna cooling pool and laughs uncomfortably at one of my jokes.

My second attempt at interacting was also a disaster. Things may have one awry when I referenced the first unsuccessful time I was in a sauna. There was a nice Finnish lady in the sauna with me and then I decided it would be interesting to say:

ME: Last time I ws in the sauna, I rated the hairiness of people's balls.

HER: Why were you looking at people's balls?

ME: Well, we were naked. How can you avoid looking at people's balls the first time you go to a sauna?

HER: The first time I went to the sauna, I was taken by my grandfather.
I took a moment to think.

ME: And what were his balls like?

Cue uncomfortable silence.

Well, I am am at the airport right now on my way to Helsinki and then to NYC. Overall I had a great time as a visiting artist to the Estonia chapter of Non Grata arts thingamabob. I et some very nice pople and overall amazing artists and managed to not have my throat slit by the Russian mafia.

I took a lot of video so I may be making an epc movie about my experience.

I think I want to try the sauna again in NYC. Anyone want to come?

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