Thursday, July 10, 2008

Inventions Part 2 - Laserdiscs

The saddest kind of invention is the kind that a lot of technophiles latch onto and then technology quickly moves past them, but those people are determined to hold on to their gadgets because it was a good idea that just never caught on.  It happens… the Betamax was actually a superior format to the VHS tape but people just went with the VHS tape because it was cheaper and the Betamax people had made a format that was beyone what most televisions at the time could show.


 I know the guy who made the Beta probably was the coolest guy at Sony until they figured out that he had basically made a DVD back when people only had 8 track players.  "Yeah… Nice work on the useless hunk of plastic ribbon, Yasko!"  Maybe his name wasn't Yasko, but what a great name to teaso someone with.  "Betmax?  More like Beta-WACK, Yasko!"


People gave up the Betamax when it was eclipsed by the VHS tapes, but they stuck wth the Laserdisc player.  Some peope are just die hard about laserdisc players.  They just wont't let go, even thought there don't make new movies for them anymore.  "Hey man, you want to coem over and watch Blade Runner again?  … Aw c'mon!  I got Quadraphonic sound… No?"

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