Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Inventions Part 1 - Cell Phones

Once an invention becomes a part of society then you can't still get away with saying you don't use it because you're not a "mindless  sheep" like the rest of society.  I'm talking to you, people who still don’t have cell phones.  The  cell phone is not a fad!  It  is not a hula hoop!


You might say.  "I don't need one, and if I really need to make a call I can use a  public phone."  Yeah, if you like hand herpes.  The cell phone has changed society to such a degree that we can't look back.  Remember when you had to actually meet your friends on time at an exact place?  Remember when you had to remember phone numbers?  No thanks.   Remember when you couldn't hang up on people and blame it on your signal?  Thank you cell phones.


So anybody who is rejecting this part of civilization, I hope that you're at least have the decency to be running around butt naked saying,  "Clothes are just not my  style."  I hope you are at least brave enough to just poop in a bag and throw it in your back yard.


Cell phones rock.

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