Friday, July 11, 2008

Invention Part 3 - Black Inventions

The best thing about inventions of any kind is that anyone can enjoy them. Although there is one invention that is probably going to be made in the future that  black people are not going to get the chance to enjoy.  A time machine. 


Black people have no use for a time machine.


I mean, yes.  If you had a huge time machine then you could load it up and go back in time and then give every slave an automatic weapon… but then you'd have to deal with a world with no white men and white women kept as sex slaves in cages.  (Well… that's what I'd do.)


Or you could go back to Africa and teach everyone how to hide better so that when slavers came they don't find anyone, but speaking from the point of view of a black albino, there is just too much sun in the jungles of Africa and besides that, I like my DVR.


So why not go to the future?  Because all the races would have mixed into a mocha frapachino blend, only listen to techno and dress in earth tones.  I saw the Matrix.  I don't need to be pegged by a robot in the back of my head.




  1. I would use it to kill Hitler and save the Lindberg baby.

  2. Ugh... nobility is sooooo boring. :)