Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mexico Day 3

Yesterday I hired an interpreter in order to nail the dialect on some of the lines I had to speak in spanish.  She was a young law student that ended p showing me around the city after th emajor part of our work was done.
Mexico city is a city of extremes.  Opulance and poverty bt that shouldn't be a suprise since mos large cities have al of that.  One thing Mexico cit has that many cities f it's caliber do not have is real tequila.
Ah, Tequila my new friend.  I never knew you could taste so sweet and punch so hard.  The rst of the night just kept getting more and more fun.  Thans you Mexico City. 
Today is my first day of actual shooting in Mexico.  It is not so early, but my eyes are burning and my head hurts.  Tequila can be a real jerk.

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  1. ahhh tequila, my friend, punched u in the head!