Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mexico Cuty Day 5

Yesterday was the hardest day and the last day of the shoot.  You'd think it would be the easiest day since the scene took place in a whorehouse and I spent most of the time surrounded by scantily clad women.  There were a mix of extras playing whores and actual whores playing whores.  I couldn't tell them apart so I just chose to be afaid of everyone.  There was a point when I found out which wer which becuse a kindly looking grey haired old man ahowed up that turned out to be the pimp of some of the whores.  The "whores"  that ran away from the pimp and hid on the other side of the room were obviously the fak whores... or wer they real whores that still owed him money.
Today I fly to Spokane Washington to perform in front of a bunch of college booking agents.  Time to show my wares!

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