Sunday, May 21, 2006

I'll be on Conan O'Brien this week.

Hi there!
I know that I have been quiet for a while, but here's the poop about my life.

Thursday May 25th is when I perform on Conan. I will be appearing right along side Jennifer Anniston. i wonder if I will be the first black albino comedian she has ever seen. Anyhoo, tune into NBC at 12:30 / 11:30 central and check it out.

TWIST THE CAP: A tale of redemption.
The new movie that I am directing starring Charlie Murphy (Chappelle's show) and Ike Barinholtz (Mad TV) will start shooting on May 30th. Look for a production diary and video blog to start soon. Right now there is just a teaser site ( thrown up.

I can't believe that they published this interview. They did though. It was also featured on


  1. I read your interview on this morning and thought it was hilarious! I completely agree with you about the albino blackface comment, right on!

  2. Anonymous7:36 AM

    All awesome stuff! Congratulations!