Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Conan O Brien tomorrow.

So tomorrow I am on Conan O'Brien and I will be attempting to rock the house.  Sure I'm a little nervous but I think the important thing to remeber is that I am introducing myself to thousands of people and enriching them by letting them know that a black albino actually exists.
I don't completely know the demographic of Conan's audiece, btu i bet that most of them wouldn't crap their pants when they see me on the screen. If I was in front of Jay Leno's audince, I wonder hundreds of geezers across the country would be grabbing their chests in surprise.
I guess I'm happy that I am on Conan instead of Leno, cause really, I  don't want to kill anybody.


  1. Hey Victor I was just wondering in case I miss you on Conan O'Brien if you could tape it and post it on your webpage.

  2. Seon N9:58 PM

    Hello Victor My name is Seon and i am also a black albino its funny that i ppl always mistook me for you victor a year and a half ago a white guy on the train was confusing me for you and "my job" in LA i showed him my I.D. and he went away i had a few encounters wither other ppl who knew you and thought i was you my email is so please reply i like your work i watched all of those movies im happy a fellow albino is doing all this cool shit

    Good Luck on Conan ill be watch

  3. Yea "seon" is an albino I saw his pic in his email space. I know 2 albino Jamaican reggae dancehall singers "Yellowman" and "Albeeno". I wonder if ppl would one day accept a black albino rapper (NOT EMINEM!)...

  4. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Yeah I don't know any albino black people, or albinos at all. Just watched you on Conan... first time I'd ever seen you. You are absolutely HILARIOUS! I loved the 'eating babies' part. Also, you're fuckin hot.

  5. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Hey Victor, just saw you for the first time on Conan and I thought it was hilarious. Keep it up buddy.

  6. Hey man.. saw you on Conan... you made Dane Cook look like an amateur... Love the random twist action.

  7. Hey man, saw you on Conan last night. Had trouble breathing. Good stuff... I'm loving the random twists. How can I get more of your standup?

  8. Great job on Conan Victor!

    You were electric! Funny too.

  9. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Hey Victor, I saw you on Conan too, I just gotta say I am proud of you for getting out there and kicking ass. I do not suffer from albinism however, I would like you to kn ow you have all my respect for what you do. Also, you are funny as hell.