Thursday, May 25, 2006

And they think that I'M the crazy one.

I talking with a group of riends, all girls last night and then one of them tells me that whe nyou are going out with someone oand you go out and make out with someone on the side when you are drunk at a bar then thats okay.
That's crazy and I siad as much.  At first the three of them were all united against me, but as the main instgator of the conversation,it was amazing to see the smiles fade from the faces of the other women as her explanation and intention got crazier and crazier.  At one point the other women had that, how did we get caught up in this debacle, sort of face on.
I know the woman is not here to defend herself, but this is my blog so whatever.


  1. Remie6:23 PM

    Well, women are kind of insane. Not all of them, and not all the time, but a lot of them and a lot of the time. But then, everyone makes excuses for their behaviour. It's better to have a list of complicated rules than to admit you're a not very nice word that starts with "s".

    -- The Sexy Babe Who Knows All :)

  2. I did that same thing one time (making out on the side while drunk). Biggest mistake ever, never again. It's bullshit and drinking is not an excuse. I wonder if she would actually feel the same way if her boyfriend was the one making out on the side.

  3. Funny stuff on Conan tonight. Good job!

  4. IndiaSonata12:07 AM

    A man who's a gentleman is like a football bat- rare, an urban myth, but yes, they they do exist.

  5. Anonymous12:32 AM

    Gulpy gulp.

    - Keith

  6. "At first the three of them were all united against me."

    A bit revisionist, don't you think?

    I missed C O'B. Hope it was good.

  7. Don't call me revisionist!

  8. Chuck Connors1:35 PM

    Saw you on Conan the other night. You are by far the funniest black albino I've ever heard!