Thursday, February 02, 2006

I am dumb.

I am a bachelor and I eat a lot of meals outside of my home.  It was three months before I realized that I didn't have the gas turned on in my apartment.   To put things in perspective, I don't need gas for heat because my building has that end covered.  The only thing that I need gas for is to cook.
One day when I tried to cook I discovered that the stove was not working so I called my landlord and he asked me if I had ever turned on the gas.  He laughed and laughed at my explanation, but not in a friendly way, more like it was in a way you laugh at a guy who steps in poop twice; once because he is not paying attention and then into a second pile while he is still walking forward but looking back to see what the hell he just stepped in.
I then made a rash decision:  I always eat out, so what the hell do I need to turn on the gas for.  Do I really need to have another bill so that I can run the stove?  Fuck that.
This morning, I really want scrambled eggs.


  1. Hey Victor do you smoke weed, to reply without anyone knowing simply reply either "yes", "I have before" or "No I havent".

  2. So Victor do you smoke weed?

  3. Albinos are cool!!!

    I've seen several African albinos (especially children), the only main difference between seeing white people and black albinos is that when you go to a village you see a bunch of bald white people with broad noses and lips.

    Chinese albinos look almost no different except for lighter skin and white hair.

    I saw a few albinos from India, pretty cool and from Peru South America.

    Victor have you done any specific finding of other albinos?

  4. No. All three are answered.