Friday, October 21, 2005

What am I doing in New York?

I have to go back to LA soon to finish the worked that was halted in its path by idiocy.
I think that if I had the unique ability of blowing people up with my mind I would be wading through the knee deep blood and entrails of dumbasses.
Is that harsh?


  1. Hey Victor,
    Its Josh from HA. Are you ever goign to do that club again, you were one of the funniest dudes to ever come through there.

    Josh "half black half white" Homer

  2. I don't know when I am coming back. I like to perform just fine, but I don't always have the time to hang out nor do I have the ability plan my schedule far enough in advance sine I fly around a lot.

  3. Anonymous8:40 PM


    at least you are livin...

    The Soulless Corporate Cog