Monday, October 03, 2005


If you ever saw the movie Coyote Ugly, then you understand what the bar Red Rock West is.  Red is a bar where the bartenders are all hot and rowdy and at the drop of a hat they get up and dance on the bar; sometime with wigs and hats and other times with water.  The point is, it is a surreal time.
What makes it different from a strip club?
There are men there drooling over the show, yes, but there are also quite a few hot women who enjoy the chance to publicly get drunk and sometime hop up on the bar themselves.  The beer and liquor flows while both sexes have a glee filled evening.
Could there be a downside?
At about 3 am, an hour before closing, many of the hot women leave as quite a few less attractive women show up.  The men who have been there drinking all night are helpless in the grips of the scarier looking ladies who have time the night just eight so that they can go home and "get down".
This "changing of the guard" is not gender specific, there are several attractive women who wake up the next morning with "Fat Billy" in their arms.
Oh Red Rock, haven of botched decisions.


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