Tuesday, October 25, 2005

ART (I am covered in ketchup!)

I went to a reading tonight because a friend of mine was involved. At first I was ready to roll out of that joint as fast as my legs would carry me. 
The first reader was a woman who read about the plight of female bodybuilders.  Apparently there is some controversy about the fact that they are also judged on their femininity.  I guess that sucks, but then again man-bodied women suck a little bit too.
Luckily, the next performer was a kick ass writer named Lisa Crystal Carver.  She had people act out scenes from her book rather than just relying on a reading.  She told the tale of living and growing up in a punk rock band and amidst the lifestyle therein.
At one point a girl covered in ketchup that she was using as blood jumped off the stage and started making out with me.  She slapped me and was surprised when I slapped her back.  (Look, with the talk about the way I feel about body building women and slapping this woman, I am beginning to sound like a real jerk  Please forgive me)  Anyway, the show ended with a woman getting on a table and peeing on a pizza.
Peeing on a pizza.



  1. Peeing on the pizza was great - but what about peeing on a MAN? I swear, I almost let myself skip town and go on tour with Lisa. (Not cause of the peeing, cause of the general fun-ness of her show.)

  2. I loved the shoW. I left out the mouth pee part as well because I thought that my audiece might be offended.