Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I am an optimist.

I realized, after a very long talk, that I may have had every chance growing up to be purely pessimistic at this point in my life.   I find that whenever two black people are in a room and say the room is filled with white people, that the two black people will look across the room and give one another a little nod, as if to say, "Hey, if something crazy goes down and all of these white people regress, I got your back."
When I am in the room and all the other people in the room are white, I may seek out the eye of another black person, but when they see me, it is not always that they recognize, that I am also black.  I could be mad.  I could just be upset that even my own people can't recognize the fact that I am black as well, or maybe I could just be happy that when the shit really hits the fan, that I could be safe hanging out in the whites only bathroom.
If you were paying close attention then you may have noticed, that the truth is in there somewhere, and somewhere else there is a joke.  If you think the joke was that I, and people in general, are very conscious of race when they first meet a person and the real truth is that we are evolving as a society so we only see people and not races at all;  then you're the joke.
You're the joke.
I'm not joking.

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