Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook Hoes

Every once in a while somebody creates an account and then tries to solicit people on Facebook. It is usually a woman in a foreign country trying to pretend to be a US Citizen and asking if you want to date the, Then they would ask you to meet them on line and live cam chat etc. etc...

It is incredibly unconvincing if you say you grew up in the US but type terrible broken English.

Here's the latest.

    • Hi

      How are you doing here huh, My Name is Selinah C.Robert, I do live in Center church Road stephens, Georgia, I am 28 of age and I was born and raise up in US and my parent but they are both late now may God bless them and put them in his hand. Well i'm currently in UK working as a sales Girl. We are selling Shoes, Bags and women make up. I am single lady with no kid and am also single because my ex boyfriend is not caring and he likes dating and sleeping around with other girls, he slept with many of my best friend that is why I broke up with him and all of all he likes beating me I don't know maybe because I have no parent oh, but I hope you are not same as him when am cool and well trained from a Good family. I am caring lady and honest with a good heart. I'll take very good care of you on bed and make you the best couple in this world, but I think you are single like me, well let give a try to see if we are match but if you are interested in me you may write me back and tell me when I will meet you online.

      Selinah C. Robert

  • 10 hours ago
    Corin S Riggs
    • Hi am here can i know you ?

  • 6 minutes ago
    Corin S Riggs
    • Hey

    • How are you doing

  • 2 minutes ago
    Victor Varnado
    • Fine. I have a girlfriend. Thanks. Good luck with uh... stuff.

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