Friday, October 02, 2009

Watch 20/20 tonight and see me.

Yes, people at ABC were trusting enough to put me on camera.


In truth, the hour is a profile of albinism around the world.  As part of that profile, they talk to me for a while considering I am one of the more successful people with albinism in entertainment.


Here's a preview.


I hate the sound of my own voice.





  1. Uncle Cheeto10:11 PM

    I hate the sound of my own voice, too.

  2. Victor, you are funny....sometimes.
    I am writing because I am African American, Mother of one daughter. I am not living large like Madonna, but I certainly can provide for a child.
    I want to adopt an albino child. I have always wanted to adopt children and I rarely watch TV and just happened to see that show. Can you please write me and let me know where to begin?


  3. Sorry Kimberly, I have no idea where to begin.