Monday, February 18, 2008

Sport Fishing

You know what the difference is between fishing and sport fishing?   If you call it sport fishing, you are that much more delusional about it.  The stupidest part about it is they don't even use the term sport fishing to describe the kind of fishing that's actually dangerous.  You know like the big new England  fisherman with the crazy facial hair that leave their families for months at a time and are sometimes pulled over the edge of the boat in a storm, or their fingers are ripped off by a net that's too heavy?  Those guys are just fishermen.  A "sport" fisherman is trying to catch as many tuna as he can in the least amount of time and then complains if the line breaks. 
I'd love to see a conversation between the two of them.
Sport Fisherman:  I had a rough day.  I lost my favorite lure.
Fisherman: Uh... well we got hit by a hurricane and the waves swept me over the deck... right next to the net... there was a school of mackerel that we were fishing for... anyway, the school had attracted a shark... and that's when he took my arm off... and most of my torso...
Sport Fisherman:  Well, the government forces us to throw our catches back cause they think it's wrong that we don't eat them.
Fisherman:  I won't be able to reproduce....

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