Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Naked Show Review

Okay, so yes, I performed at the Naked Standup Showcase and I was totally nude in front of a clothed and nude mixed audience.  Just telling jokes.
Anyway, I thought it would be funny to enter the stage crying like Coa-Coa from fame.  I was hunched over and covering my junk as tears ran down my face.  This was funny to many of the clothed people, but the nudists that thing think that nudity is nothing to make fun of had a different idea.
Anyhow, the main thing that I realized was that everyone was hyper-sensitive to everything that you said.  I admit that I thought the audience was going to spend a lot of time just staring at my balls, they're beautiful, but it was as if everyone was heavily invested in every syllable that escaped your lips.  Weird.
Fun show though.  I recommend it to people with hot bodies, their more fun to watch.  I know that's not the nudist way, but f that.

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